University President


His Excellency KAU President Prof. Osama Sadik Tayeb’s Speech

On the occasion of the renewal of his appointment as KAU President



In The Name of Allah the most Beneficent the most Merciful

Praise be to Allah Who blessed us with Islam and Peace and blessed be our Prophet Mohammad, His family, and his Companions.


Dear Brothers and sisters…. Dear Colleagues,

Thanks to Allah the Almighty …. Then to my brothers, KAU Vice-presidents and all KAU staff for organizing this festive ceremony which I would not have accepted if it were not for my desire to meet with you all to determine our vision and plans for the next four years.

You, dear brothers and sisters, are an outstanding team, a loyal and faithful team that I cherish and feel proud to be a member of; Allah has blessed you with such values to better serve the interests of this university and those of the country. You are a team that never spare any efforts or time in achieving their noble objectives.

I recall in these moments of joy and faithfulness the engagements and oaths we took during our past meetings when we joined hands to achieve the goals of our common plans to develop this university in all its sectors and activities. We have worked with determination and faith in ourselves to succeed in our sincere and constructive efforts towards the outstanding achievements we were able to attain with the grace of Allah and the active participation of every one of you.

Dear brothers and sisters,

The achievements that have been attained are well known to you all as you are the ones who made them happen. As an example, I would like to mention what KAU has achieved in the International University Ranking and the preservation of its leading position in international academic accreditation, earning more than 40 international academic accreditations, not to mention a large number of ISO administrative and technical certifications. We also continued to harvest numerous domestic, regional, and international awards. We have attained excellent achievements in the fields of curriculum development and research activities. We have gained a prominent position for ourselves for our research published in some of the most renowned research journals and through our cooperation and cooperative programs with more than one hundred international institutions in addition to the International Advisory Board. We have expanded in terms of quality, quantity and profit to provide academic education all over the kingdom and even outside Saudi Arabia.

All of this was attained despite various adverse conditions that you all know of and could have resulted in failure to achieve the planned development. However, with the blessing of Allah, the support of our wise government and the determination of our university staff, we were able to overcome all those obstacles.

The focal point of those achievements remains, in my opinion, the results of successful proliferation and adherence to the culture of development, excellence and a loyal affiliation to the university. Every one of us acquired that culture and became a devoted practitioner of its principles until this university savored successive achievements within the implementation of the first university strategic plan, scoring a 78% attainment ratio which is quite an achievement of strategic planning by international standards. 

All these achievements are the fruits of your most appreciated efforts and dedication at all levels; from Vice-Presidents, Deans, faculty members to administrative and technical staff.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Acknowledging exploits is a virtue. Our university went through several tenures led by dedicated, enthusiastic and faithful officials who achieved tremendous success that marked the development of this university. Our achievements are the continuation of those of the previous administrations which gave this university the advantage of being one of the most successful higher education institutions in the region. Those dedicated officials deserve today to be remembered and honored for their noble efforts.

Now, we stand before a new tenure that requires doubling the efforts, additional striving and utmost dedication to attain more rewarding development and achievements for our university and to better serve our community and country as well as reinforce our contribution to the well-being of humanity as a whole.

Dear brothers and sisters,

The results of the university's first strategic plan show that the least sought achievements were in the field of academic research and related applications such as inventions, patents and their transfer to applicable outcomes. The only excuse – if we were to seek one- would be the fact that this university did not start to focus on academic research and its application until recently. This late interest in the field can be attributed to a lack of basic structure for academic research. However, now that the necessary infrastructure to conduct research has been provided, including well-equipped labs with up-to-date technology, with excellent research centers and rewarding publication and invention remunerations and with the provision of mechanisms for intellectual and property rights protection in addition to the opportunity of their investment through the Business and Knowledge Alliance and Jeddah Valley Company, no excuses can be sought. Also the advantage of research culture dissemination and distinctive outcomes that I am beginning to see and whose development and attainments filled me with pride and satisfaction is a favorable environment for more academic research, for more research publishing in renowned journals, for more inventions and their patents, for more transfer to products of knowledge investments, and for more companies in which you contribute and earn substantial monetary and intellectual rewards.

Indeed, we are ready to elevate ourselves to new frontiers, to new developmental achievements. Indeed we believe this is our arena and with our enthusiasm, with our determination and devotion, there will be no more excuses.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I remind you and myself of the importance of the trusteeship thrust upon our shoulders towards our sons and daughters, students of this university, in terms of the quality of our performance of our duties towards them, of our commitment to course content, exams, references and schedules. We must be exemplary role models. This university has provided all its facilities, know-how and mechanisms to serve the students. Certainly, we feel enthusiastic about our students and we believe that they are our priority. Indeed, we have realized that this is not the time for excuses.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Everybody is aware of the huge benefits of exchanging views and expressing opinions in constructive discussions. It is also no secret to anyone the importance of active participation of our younger students, faculty members or staff. This is confirmed by the outcome of university efforts to enrich views and the general involvement in decision making, recommendations and directives through workshops, through meetings between students and university officials, through the open door policy, through the involvement of the Women’s Campus officials in the University Council and Deans’ Committees as well as on many other committees. Also the male and female students’ participation in the Deans’ Consultative Committees are of utmost importance. We, at the founder's university, also ought to establish a foundation for greater participation of our youngsters and senior citizens, of our men and women in matters pertaining to university issues. We must encourage them to express their opinions. Let us work together on finding ways to hire the very best for university positions and to provide equal opportunity for all. Let us work together to generalize the participation experience in meetings to include all university councils, committees and teams. Let us interact further, share more willingness to fulfill university staff’s hopes, expectations and suggestions. Let us further develop our interaction with students by listening to them, by engaging them in dialogue, by meeting their needs and encouraging their participation in extracurricular activities.

As a matter of fact, we are ready for more communication and for paying more attention to others’ opinions. In fact, we do need that. In addition, we are confident of our responsiveness to all these mechanisms and initiatives for boosting the level of communication and effective participation of the university management  in terms of opinion, advice and action, because indeed, we are enthusiastic,,,, because we are aware that we have no more excuses after today… no more excuses.

Dear Colleagues,

The second university strategic plan that we started a while ago demands concerted efforts to be able to fulfill its objectives. It also needs the activation of more programs for the maintenance of university assets and the protection of its staff and residents in cases of emergencies or disasters. The wonderful programs and plans we established already,   the accuracy of planning standards for these programs,   the assignment memos that were sent to all for prompt implementation, the level of our enthusiasm towards more and more achievements -- all of these factors incite us to work harder, to strive for more tender because indeed, we are enthusiastic as we are aware that there are no more excuses after today,,, no more excuses.

Dear innovators,

I am confident that what has been achieved in this university has been done without using the university's full capacity. What would happen then if we were to dedicate our full capacity and if all university employees were to become involved?  Undoubtedly, we will be more comfortable to fulfill the trust bestowed on us and our university. We will be singled out from around the world and we will serve all whole humanity. I urge everyone who made an effort and achieved his/her goals to work further. I also invite those who are in a state of vegetation and hesitation to roll up their sleeves and participate with us.

If we liken our achievements to a train, this train started its journey with just a few passengers on board. However, I expect waiting passengers to board for further development, achievements, creativity and the satisfaction of achievement and reward from the Almighty Allah.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

During my first tenure, I raised to you my right hand asking for your support and help. You kept your promise. In my second tenure, I raised both my hands asking for help and assistance, and you kept your promise again. Now in my third tenure, I continue to raise both hands so that everyone’s assistance and help will bring further participation and involvement from all sides so that we can continue to develop the university towards a full realization of its nature and goals.

We will not be satisfied with less than the stars as we will not be satisfied with less than 110% achievement in terms of quantity and quality because we are, dear audience, capable and enthusiastic achievers who will succeed with the grace of Allah.





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