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His Excellency KAU President Speech at the Fifth Total Quality Meeting held on Saturday,  20/04/1429 H


Praise be to Allah Who honored us to be affiliated to this immaculate country and blessings and peace be upon Whom Allah has sent from this holy land to the entire humanity, prophet Mohammad Bin   Abdullah and upon his family, and his Companions.

Honorable Guests

Dear Brothers and Colleagues

Distinguished Audience


Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuhu


Our concise Sharia and our comprehensive religion instill in us one of the human life’s most exulted values: the pursuit of perfection in the work we undertake. Allah said in Quran what means: “And do good, truly Allah loves the good-doers”. The Prophet (PBUH) said what means, “Allah is deeply pleased when one strives for perfection in all what one does.”


Honorable Audience,


Work perfection is a value because Allah loves for his servants to be perfect in everything they do. Work perfection cannot be attained without certain elements and a firm foundation on which to combine them. On top of these are the fear of God, listening to the voice of conscience, and love for the work we do. The most important advantage of seeking perfection in what we do is that it pleases The Almighty and complies with the exemplary behavior of the Prophet (PBUH).


Dear Brothers and Colleagues,


Four years ago we met on this occasion, specifically on Tuesday 09/02/1425 H. A tremendous amount of work has been undertaken in line with the slogan that inspired our previous meeting – 'Change for the Sake of Development' Now seems like a good time both to assess our achievements and the lack thereof in those areas that I focused on in my speech at that meeting.


Dear Brothers and Colleagues,


Our plan was to reinvigorate the atmosphere of the university, ridding it of any sense of stagnation. Have we done that?


The university was very removed from the community. Have we brought them closer together?


We were facing geographical, informational, cultural, commercial and economic challenges. Have we successfully met those challenges?

We declared that the university will always be strong as long as its children are made fully aware of the university mission, vision and objectives. Were we right?

We stressed the need to get rid of traditional work methods by developing modern administrative practices.  Have the work methods changed?

We established new faculties and further developed others. Did they meet our expectations?


All of these questions must be answered to see where we are on the Map of Total Quality.


Dear brothers and Colleagues,


Our university has made great strides in securing academic accreditation by international bodies, competing for and winning international research prizes, hosting distinguished research centers, publishing respected research, taking promising action towards developing community service and fostering international cooperation. We should move quickly to reinforce these efforts while accelerating our efforts in other areas, as well. This will not be possible unless we activate Total Quality principles designed to make the university full deserving of the imprimatur of international university. Indeed, I would like to take the opportunity of this meeting to announce our new slogan: “'Towards Internationalism by Word and Deed


Dear Brothers and Colleagues,


You have worked with colleagues from all university sectors to achieve milestones recognized by everyone. Yet, the university expects additional efforts from you, as well. In the end, none of us can settle for anything less than reaching for the stars.



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