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President's Message

With reference to the hints I have given about the university's mission in my speech at the fourth meeting of the Total Quality Management Programme, dated 9/2/1425 AH, and my speech at the ceremony of my reappointment for a further period as KAU President, dated 16/3/1428 AH, I would like to provide here a broad framework for the university's mission which shall serve as a reference upon which all plans and mechanisms of implementing them shall be based.

Our mission is to:

• continue our arduous efforts and close cooperation to ensure sustainability of our development process.
• exert greater efforts to meet international standards.
• develop curricula and the skills of our academic and administrative members of staff, and fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the university affiliates.
• foster a sense of loyalty towards the university and encourage greater involvement in its various events.
• motivate the students and the staff to observe punctuality and regular attendance.
• promote a strong university community spirit and foster a culture of mutual respect between the university affiliates.
• ensure all academic, administrative, technical, cultural and research-related activities are carried out to the best of our abilities.
• keep constant contact with our students, consider their suggestions and address their needs.
• develop the skills of our administrative and technical members of staff and modernize the educational and administrative facilities.
• boost our excellence in the electronic management area and work diligently towards a paperless university.
• seek to be a research-based university by conducting research studies covering various fields of knowledge and working to have them published in reputable international scientific journals.

• encourage the filing of patents for the benefit of the mankind at large.
• establish and enhance partnerships with the community at all levels.

• support the activities of the Business and Knowledge Alliance with the aim of preparing our students to take employment.
• enter into cooperation agreements with private entities to stimulate technology and expertise sharing.
• contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and science by offering more diversified educational and training programmes, promoting distance learning programmes, establishing a KAU satellite TV channel, increasing the number of published books and studies and documenting the university's various achievements.
• strive to have more programmes accredited by the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment, and work hard to meet the standards set by the KAU Academic Assessment Unit.
• promote cooperation with other international counterparts to ensure mutual benefit.
I am confidant that you will leave no stone unturned to achieve these objectives, and hope that plans, programmes and mechanisms will be designed and submitted to the university administration in due course.

Wishing you all the best
Prof Abdulrahman Obaid AI-Youbi
KAU President

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